About the Inventor (Kevin, 36 years in the trade)

I have been a sheet metal worker and contractor for over 36 years, and until last year, I never thought twice about the clunky old firepots used for heating our soldering coppers. At present, nearly all residential and most commercial sheet metal workers who do quality work solder their work. Nearly all are still using the old propane firepots to heat their soldering coppers, just like the journeymen that they served their apprenticeship under, and, just as those journeymen, in turn, learned from the guys they had learned from, and so on, back about 50 years.

Design Performance (Insulated, Wind-resitant, and Fast Start-Up)

The old propane firepots were not designed to heat soldering coppers, but were rather intended for plumbers to melt lead in pots with which to seal the transverse joints of cast iron waste lines. They are highly inefficient, sending about 90% of the produced heat into the air, and sending out a lot of pollutants in the process. In addition, they are highly affected by even the slightest breezes, causing the workers to cease their soldering when the wind comes up. The EZ-POT PRO addresses and solves ALL of these problems while heating faster and more efficiently.

Weight (5lb)

An old propane firepot is a real handful to carry up ladders, weighing around 32 lbs. with a full tank. The EZ-POT PRO weighs in at almost exactly 5lbs.

Setup (Quick Adjust to any pitch from 0 to 12/12 (45 degrees) in about 2 seconds)

A 5 gallon propane tank is round and cumbersome, very difficult to wrestle around, and especially difficult to stabilize on pitched roofs, which is not good for something with an open flame on a bare wood roof sheeting, and typically with several piles of construction debris as a landing site when it rolls off the roof. The EZ-POT PRO is stable and has an anchor cable system

Size (almost fits in a Shoe Box)

The Ez-Pot Pro is small enough to fit in a large shoebox. It can be easily stored and locked in a toolbox, making it unnecessary to chain and lock it in the back of a pickup truck or bring it into the shop at night, as is the common practice with the old firepots.

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